Blue Flower

Interstate highways are heavily populated with dry van trailers shipping FTL and LTL freight across the country.

Dry vans are a cost-effective shipping option for shippers looking to move large quantities of freight domestically.

For recurring over the road shipments between locations in the states, our dry van freight brokers find the most affordable, feasible solution for shipping cargo.

The largest dry vans have the capability to ship up to 45,000 pounds of heavy cargo. No matter the size, rest assured your dry van load is handled with care and delivered safely in the least amount of time.

If there are any problems during the shipment of your dry van truck load, a Direct Drive consultant notifies you immediately to find the quickest solution for your shipment.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) now requires all drivers who carry liquid loads that total or exceed 1,000 gallons or that carry multiple tanks of 119 gallons or more and that equal or exceed 1,000 gallons to have a tanker endorsement on their CDL.

Our drivers already for your loads.